Photo album software comparison

Posted by Kathleen Maher on September 22nd 2003 | Permalink

Kathleen Maher

The biggest problem of the digital age will not be how to get the digital media—it is flowing to and from the computer from every imaginable source including TV, video cameras, still cameras, Internet downloads, etc. The biggest problem will be how to organize the data. Photo album software has been around for some time but very little of it works well. New products have come out and each one is an improvement over the last, but no program has the perfect mix of features. The first requirements are ease of use and flexibility enabling the hobbyist to easily keep track of photos and for the professional to classify them according to subject, job, color, camera, etc. Assuming that the ability to create albums for the Web, make movies and slideshows, stitch photos, and add audio tracks are all features that are nice to have but not as necessary as simple organizational tools and batch processing, then all these products have fun features. And, all of these tools leave something to be desired.