Asus EAX1800XT breaks speed limits

Posted by Kathleen Maher on December 5th 2005 | Discuss

If the reviews for the Asus EAX1800XT TOP are as good as the initial reviews of the ÒKing KongÓ movie then Asus will be getting gaming converts. Asus, is making the connection by bundling the official game of ÒKing KongÓ with the new Asus offering.

Asus EAX1800XT
Figure 1. Asus EAX1800XT TOP over-clocked AIB. (Source: Asus)

Asus promises that the R-520 based EAX1800XT will be the fastest AIB using the X1800XT GPU, with the core clock speed cranked to a racy 700MHz and a memory clock of 1.6 GHz (800 MHz GDDR3). ThereÕs 512 MB of GDDR3 on board. The 700MHz core clock is 75MHz faster than the default speed of 625MHz. This extra speed comes at the expense of some heat but Asus tackled that problem by installing ÒArctic Cooling technologyÓ on the AIB giving it a boxy stealthy look. The x1800 XT features 16 pixel processors, 8 vertex processors, Shader Model 3.0, high dynamic rendering (HDR), and support for high-resolution LCD up to 2560 x 1600, so if you could afford one, you could run that beautiful new Apple monitor.

In addition to the software bundle of the official ÒKing KongÓ game the EAX1800XT TOP includes the new XitePad gamepad, which allows console gamers like me to enjoy the PC a bit more. The bundled package is valued at close to US$100, said the company.

Figure 2. Asus XitePad game controller. (Source: Asus)

No word on how much this beauty is going to sell for but with the 7800 GTX 512MB going for $700+ the EAX1800XT Top probably isnÕt far behind. And like the GTX 512, this is a two-slot AIB with liquid cooling. With the new card ATI will be in better position to tackle NvidiaÕs 7800 GTX 512MB which has been the Enthusiast segmentÕs top performer since its release last month.

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