Handbook of Visual Display Technology

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Springer-SBM and Canopus Academic Publishing have announced the publication of the Handbook of Visual Display Technology.

Across four volumes and more than 2600 pages, this comprehensive reference work covers all aspects of the science and technology behind displays, from the fundamentals of optics, vision and colour science, through electronic imaging, processing and manipulation, display driving, TFTs and materials science, flexible displays and touchscreens, display metrology, and concludes with a section on display markets and economic factors. 

Key sections are dedicated to specific display technologies: emissive displays including PDPs, LEDs and OLEDs; Paper-like displays including electrophoretics, electrowetting, electrofluidic and MEMS; 3D display systems including stereoscopic, autostereoscopic, electronic holographic and volumetric displays; mobile displays, microdisplays and their application in projection and headworn displays.  Liquid crystal displays are extensively described in a large section which covers the fundamentals of LC phases and structures, their physical and optical properties, LC materials for devices, LCD technologies (including TN and STN, smectics, IPS, VAN, cholesterics, bistable LCDs and PDLCDs), backlights and LCD processing and testing.

The Handbook features contributions from over 150 leading display researchers across industry and academia, coordinated by an international Editorial Board and led by three Editors-in-Chief: Janglin Chen (ITRI, Taiwan), Wayne Cranton (Nottingham Trent University, UK) and Mark Fihn (Veritas et Visus, USA). It is extensively cross-referenced throughout, and each chapter includes a section on likely future trends and developments, a full reference list and suggestions for further reading.

A unique offering in this field, the Handbook will be a valuable resource for anyone involved in the science and technology of displays, from graduate students through to academic and industrial researchers and engineers.

Extract from the Foreword:
“This book, to the best of my knowledge, is the first of its kind….the authors of the chapters in the Handbook are world experts…I feel that no engineering or science library can be without this book. It will be an asset for all companies engaged in display and display-related business. For researchers this book provides substantial guidelines for the future of display technology.” – Dr M Anandan, President, Society for Information Display.

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