Kingston HyperX CloudX Pro Gaming headset

Posted by Ted Pollak on August 4th 2016 | Discuss
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Kingston invited us to their E3 party, and we were happy to tip a few back with their crew, whom we’ve run into from time to time. And since their door gift at the party was a headset, it seemed the least we could do to try it out and share out thoughts. 

Aside from getting the headset as a gift, we also freely admit we are not expert audio product reviewers. That said, we play games a lot and have used numerous speakers, headphones, and headset systems over the years, so we think we think our opinions have some value. 

The unit is an official Xbox headset that has been tested and approved by Microsoft. The HyperX Wired CloudX Pro Gaming headset works with Xbox Elite wireless controllers and other Xbox One controllers with a 3.5-mm stereo headset jack. However, I used it with a PC. 

I can testify to the build quality, comfort, and sound. Its 100% memory foam ear cushions and headband, interchangeable leatherette and velour ear cushions and over-the-ear cups can be worn comfortably for hours on end, and the build quality is great. Everything from the metal frame to the padding to the braided cord feels like it will last for a very long time. The unit even comes with extra pads and a very stout crush-resistant carrying case. I alternate between speaker systems and headphones and use a desk microphone with each, so I have not tested the CloudX Pro’s microphone. My only question is the inline volume controller. Will it survive the test of time? These are sometimes a point of failure, in my experience. But the internals of the volume adjuster likely vary in quality be-tween brands, and it’s hard to imagine Kingston cheaping out on anything for this premium headset. 

The comfort is fantastic, and I like the style, which is conservative and clean. I normally use studio reference Sennheiser headphones, which are designed to not boost any frequencies, so upon first using the CloudX, I noticed what seemed like an enhanced bass response right away. After a few days of use, I came to like it, especially for video games, which is its true intended purpose. The deep bass enhances the experience, and the mids and highs are clean. 

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