Playing with 4K - Do I need one, can I afford one?

Posted by Jon Peddie on February 6th 2014 | Permalink
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Jon Peddie

Dell recently released a new 4K monitor, the P3214Q, that has a beautiful 32-inch IGZO IPS panel. You know the old saying: If you have to ask how much it costs, you can’t afford it? It’s still true. This little big beauty sells for $3,500, which

Alienware Graphics Amplifier

Posted by Ted Pollak on November 14th 2014 | Permalink
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Ted Pollak

Gaming on a notebook has traditionally been a less than ideal solution for most committed PC gamers. Thin and light laptops with integrated (or lower end dGPU) graphics can only handle a limited range of current generation games. Nevertheless, serious gaming notebooks can handle just about any gaming task quite

Eurocom’s P5 workstation/server laptop

Posted by Robert Dow on June 10th 2015 | Permalink
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Robert Dow

An all-in-one device that could even be used for gaming Earlier this year Eurocom launched the P5 Pro line. This 15.3 desktop replacement is quite a versatile platform, Eurocom offers the laptop as a gaming laptop which is equipped with a Core i7 and GTX 980M GPU, a Mobile Workstation which

Mobile workstation comparison

Posted by Robert Dow on October 3rd 2017 | Discuss (0)
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Robert Dow

Four different machines  At Siggraph Dell announced a new Anniversary edition thin and light 5520 Precision mobile workstation in recognition of the brands 20-year contribution to the mobile space. While Dell was celebrating their 20th anniversary PNY took the occasion to throw their hat in the ring by introducing their