Testing the ATI Radeon HD 5870

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Jon Peddie

By now you’ve probably read our review of the RV870 and a half dozen others so you should already know it’s suppose to be a 2.7 TFLOPS chip with 1,600 processors and ultra fast 2GB of GDDR5 memory. The board is totally enclosed, with air vents at the back, and oddly the chip’s connector and heat-sink retention bracket is exposed, which adds a strangely aesthetic appeal. It could be we got an early test unit and the production version will have a cover plate over the chip. You can see the two six-pin power connectors at the top of the rear…

ATI’s Radeon HD5970 Hemlock - DirectX 11, lots-o-cores, multiple displays, over-clockable

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Jon Peddie

Number five in its series of new AIBs, ATI as promised delivered the dual chip HD5970 Radeon board. It’s killer fast, easy on the power supply and pocketbook, and has bonuses like multi-display output and over clocking tools. The board comes with 2GB of DDR5, one each for each GPU. The GPUs get to the PCIe lanes via a gen2 PLX PCIe bridge chip. We ran a series of tests on the board in Windows 7 and the results were very impressive—without over-clocking. ATI has a lot of headroom in the RV870 Evergreen GPU, and the two of them on the…

Review: ATI Radeon HD 5830 graphics AIB

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Kathleen Maher

ATI-AMD continued to roll out products in its Evergreen line this week, adding to the Enthusiast segment with the HD 5830. The HD 5830 fits in the lower end of the Enthusiast segment in between the HD 5850 and the HD 5770 with a $240 price point. The following chart puts the new board in perspective with its peers from AMD. HD 5770 HD 5830 HD 5850 GTX 260 Core 216 1.36 TFLOPS 1.79 TFLOPS 2.09 TFLOPS   850 MHz 800 MHz Core Clock 725 MHz 1.2 GHz Core Clock 800 Stream Processors 1120 Stream Processors 1440 Steam Processors 240 Processor…

AMD on AMD with AMD - The platform company shows its stuff

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Kathleen Maher

After too many years of being criticized for not tooting their own horn enough, the technical marketing folks at AMD sent us a Vision Black machine to put through the paces. I think we may have to toot their horn—this is one impressive machine. As configured, the system was pre-loaded with Windows 7 64-bit Ultimate, all the drivers already installed, and pre-loaded with AMD’s Fusion Media Explorer and the Fusion Utility software. Here is the system configuration: Antec Six Hundred Chassis. Corsair 750W PSU. Asus Crosshair IV motherboard based on AMD’s 890FX chipset with four PCIe slots. 4GB of OCZ DDR3.…

Nvidia’s three-screen 3D Vision system

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Jon Peddie

To do more you gotta see more—it’s the law As you all know (and if you don’t we’re going to send you to your room and make you write it a hundred times), Peddie’s 2nd law is—The more you can see the more you can do. And as you may know we’re pretty big fans of stereo games (S3D.) And, some of you may have seen at CES, or GDC, or PAX, or Computex, Nvidia’s three-screen S3D system. You could see it, but you couldn’t touch it—it wasn’t really a shipping product yet. Last week Nvidia officially released their GeForce Beta…

Nvidia GeForce GTX 590 Review

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Robert Dow

Let no pixel go un-accelerated Right on the heels of their most recent midrange product launch, the GTX 550 Ti, Nvidia rolled out their flagship AIB the dual GPU GTX 590. This top of the line, take no prisoners, 3GB GDDR5 AIB with a massive 384-bit memory bus (per GPU) has delivered some impressive scores, but doesn't beat two GTX 480s or 2 GTX 580s in SLI configuration—it doesn't cost as much either The AIB has a 12-layer PCB and to help disperse heat more effectively across the PCB, two ounces of copper are used for each of the board's power…

Nvidia’s GeForce GTX550 Ti Review

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Robert Dow

Fastest Midrange AIB Nvidia has introduced the latest in their new Fermi gen2 products, the GeForce GTX550 Ti, (Titanium. Same nomenclature as the 560 Ti) based on the 193 core Fermi GF116 GPU. Compared to other Nvidia GPUs and the price equivalent AMD part (HD5770), the balance of feature and specifications show Nvidia did some careful selections to hit the price-performance point they wanted. Table 1: Comparison of five AIBs   GTS 450 GTX 460 GTX 550 Ti GTX 560 Ti HD5770 Core Clock (MHz) 738 675 900 822 850 Memory Clock  (MHz)  902  900  1,026  1,002  1,200 Memory data rate…

Review the AMD 6000 Series

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Robert Dow

Covers the low end with refresh parts for the mainstream gamer AMD rounded out their 6000 line with the introduction of the "Turks" line of add-in boards. AMD who was first to market with DirectX 11 AIBs points out that developers are no longer making DirectX 10 games. Even "World of WarCraft," the world's most popular PC game (12 million subscribers), is now DirectX 11. So their message to the consumer is: It's time to upgrade to DirectX 11 now! AMD thinks the casual gamers who bought a Radeon 5450 a couple of years ago, a fine DirectX 10 AIB, should…

Duking it out in the low-end: AMD HD 6450 vs. Nvidia GT 520 Reviews

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Robert Dow

This week we focused on the entry level market and tested three AIBs, the Nvidia GT 520, and two versions of AMD boards: the HD 6450 and 6450 GDDR5. Some would argue that any board coupled with GDDR5 belongs in the mainstream segment, however we take a look at price as the determining factor. The Nvidia GT 520 is based on the GF119 GPU and has a core clock of 810 MHz compared to the AMD 625 MHz DDR3 and the 750 GDDR5 HD 6450s models. Despite the GT 520’s lack of GDDR5, and fewer shaders, the GT 520 more than…

The tablet is a blank slate - Review ArtRage for Apple iPad

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Kathleen Maher

Steve Jobs is not always right and in fact, he was totally wrong when he dismissed the idea of a stylus for his devices because among all the other things the iPad does well — remote control, movie player, presentation platform, and best friend on a lonely Saturday night — the iPad is turning out to be a really great piece of paper. We have downloaded several drawing program for the iPad and every single one of them is good. Just the current list of drawing tools on my computer includes Brushes, by Steve Sprang: $7.99; Auto­desk SketchBook Pro: $4.99; Adobe…