How low can you go?

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Jon Peddie

8GB to go, Verbatim’s Tuff-Clip.(Source: Jon Peddie Research) Verbatim’s tiny 8GB USB drive speeding up Vista.(Source: Jon Peddie Research) 2.13 billion bits per buck, that’s how low. For one U.S. penny you get 21 million bits of memory in a package not much bigger than a U.S. penny. Verbatim has introduced an 8GB USB memory for $30. Verbatim, one of the pioneer companies of the industry, having started in 1969 with a license from IBM to build floppy discs, has gone through the usual ups and downs, management changes, and refinancing gyrations any 50-year-old company…

Android vs. Android vs. Android

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Kathleen Maher

A look at the Motorola Droid 2, LG G2X, Sony Ericsson Experia Play We’re swimming in Android phones right now. We have a (slightly) older Droid 2 that’s actually in use as my working phone, a brand new Sony Ericsson Xperia Play, and an LG G2X. The Droid 2 is a Verizon phone and the G2X and Xperia Play are from T-Mobile. The three phones are very different and they’re aimed at very different users, but there are some basic similarities too. The Droid 2 and the G2X are both based on the Android 2.2 operating system. The Xperia Play is…

Field Monitor Pro makes taking a display on the road a dream

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Big, bright and lightweight. Now there is a display that can tempt you to bring it along as a laptop companion on a trip. Mobile Monitor introduced their Field Monitor Pro display at the Connected Traveler Showcase in San Francisco. It’s an ultra-bright 15.4-inch backlit LED screen delivering 1280x800 resolution in a clamshell 4-pound ABS-polycarbonate case. “It is a no compromise second monitor that adapts beautifully to every situation on the road, said Larry Pensack, president of MMT. “It’s easy to carry, highly resistant to damage, and makes getting things done plain easier.” The Field Monitor Pro connects up to Intel…

Benchmarking Mobile devices

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Jon Peddie

New Web Browser test shows value of GPU clock How do you benchmark a mobile device? You download an app and run it. Qualcomm has a nice one, more on that later. But how do you benchmark a mobile device with a benchmark that isn’t in a sanctioned app store. If you had a little more control over the device you could email to your mobile device, but getting it to install from the email would be tricky. Maybe we need an app for getting apps. So if you want to test a lot of mobile devices there are some obstacles…

AnTuTu mobile device benchmark

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Jon Peddie

Nice evaluation tool for Android devices The AnTuTu System Benchmark is an Android benchmarking tool that can run a full test of a mobile devices’ processor through a series of test for easy comparison. It can test for Memory Performance CPU Integer Performance CPU Floating point Performance 2D and 3D Graphics Performance SD card reading/writing speed Database I/O performance. And when completed presents the results in a numeric list on the mobile device’s screen. We ran the benchmark on some of the mobile devices we had and got the following results (we didn’t test for SD car or Database I/O performance.…

Testing Vellamo

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Jon Peddie

Vellamo is a mobile Web benchmark that evaluates browser performance on Android devices and provides a holistic view into browser performance. It also evaluates networking, JavaScript, rendering, and user experience incorporating industry standard and custom tests. The test was developed by Qualcomm. We ran Vellamo on a couple of Android tablets and a few android phones to see how they compared. There was a mixture of operating systems and service providers as shown in the table. The tablets, with larger more powerful SoCs clearly got the best scores, while most of the phones were in the same range. Brand Model Specifications…

Is that a console in your pocket? - The Shield reveals new talents

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Ted Pollak

IT ARRIVED AT JPR as just another tablet, but as staffers idly walk by and pick it up to play, we’re finding the Shield is more than a gaming tablet and more than a console replacement. When you combine the convenience of a tablet with the huge developer base of the Android, and HDMI, you get something that’s fun and functional.—Ed. As a matter of fact, that is a console in my pocket, my back pocket, and I am also happy to see you because I have good news. Hardcore PC gamers finally have their best option for HDTV gaming. Why?…

Half-Life 2 on Shield tablet

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Jon Peddie

Playing an action-packed FPS on an 8-inch screen—amazing experience and memories Ten years old and still fantastic, one of the best games ever has been ported to An¬droid and Nvidia’s Tegra-based Shield tablet. The game is a whopping 2 GB and takes about an hour or more to download. When it’s finally loaded, you use the Shield wireless controller to play the game on the Shield’s 8-inch 1920 x 1200 screen, which is better than an HD experience. If you’ve played the game on a console, you won’t have any difficulty adapting to the Shield-tablet controller combo. If you’re a dyed-in-the-wool…