Field Monitor Pro makes taking a display on the road a dream

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Big, bright and lightweight. Now there is a display that can tempt you to bring it along as a laptop companion on a trip. Mobile Monitor introduced their Field Monitor Pro display at the Connected Traveler Showcase in San Francisco. It’s an ultra-bright 15.4-inch backlit LED screen delivering 1280x800 resolution in a clamshell 4-pound ABS-polycarbonate case. “It is a no compromise second monitor that adapts beautifully to every situation on the road, said Larry Pensack, president of MMT. “It’s easy to carry, highly resistant to damage, and makes getting things done plain easier.” The Field Monitor Pro connects up to Intel…

Building a hot rod

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Robert Dow

There are three (probably more) approaches to building a gaming PC: Build the lowest cost unit you can that will run FPS Dx11 games at >30 fps. Build a machine that is pretty good and less than $5,000. Build the biggest baddest money is no object machine. We chose to go for the middle and built the following system. JPR’s Corsair hot rod of the month This can be considered a state of the art machine with a dual GPU AIB that runs S3D and a nice size 23.6-inch monitor. A fast SSD drive and 8 GB of DDR3 give it…