Nvidia’s GeForce GTX550 Ti Review

Posted by Robert Dow on March 25th 2011 | Permalink
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Robert Dow

Fastest Midrange AIB Nvidia has introduced the latest in their new Fermi gen2 products, the GeForce GTX550 Ti, (Titanium. Same nomenclature as the 560 Ti) based on the 193 core Fermi GF116 GPU. Compared to other Nvidia GPUs and the price equivalent AMD part (HD5770), the balance of feature and specifications show Nvidia did some careful selections to hit the price-performance point they wanted. Table 1: Comparison of five AIBs   GTS 450 GTX 460 GTX 550 Ti GTX 560 Ti HD5770 Core Clock (MHz) 738 675 900 822 850 Memory Clock  (MHz)  902  900  1,026  1,002  1,200 Memory data rate…

Review: Nvidia’s dual GPU GTX 690 AIB

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Jon Peddie

Fastest, bestest, not biggest With the GTX 690, Nvidia was focused on creating not only the most powerful dual-GPU card in the world but also a card that was power efficient with great acoustics. There has always been a sacrifice when trying to cobble together the best enthusiast PC in trying to figure out what is the best way to get the best performance. Crossfire and SLi were the solutions up until now. Early attempts at dual-GPU cards under­performed compared to Crossfire and SLi, but the latter was expensive, took up quite a bit of real estate in the tower, and…