A word about Game Booster

Posted by Jon Peddie on May 14th 2009 | Permalink
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Jon Peddie

Game Booster is a free program that can be downloaded from various sites (e.g. http://majorgeeks.com/Game_Booster_d6148.html). It’s advertised as being designed to help optimize your PC for smoother, more responsive game. It works by temporarily shutting down background processes, cleaning RAM, and intensifying processor performance so you can keep all the features of Vista or XP out of the way as well as all those little applets to make opening a program faster. And you can turn them back on when you are ready to get back to work. We thought we’d try it. It’s got a convenient UI for turning things…

Review Cyberlink’s MediaEspresso

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Jon Peddie

Ultra fast universal media converter CyberLink has impressed us almost since day one with their courage, cleverness, and consistency. One of the first companies to offer a suite, innovative with their attempt to auto edit video for action scenes (they called it "emotional"), and really good looking and easy to use UIs. MediaEspresso has been cut from that same cloth, and version 6.5 is the best yet. The program can convert video with its batch function.. You import files or complete folders, and let MediaEspresso handle the video conversion process, no need to sit by your computer till the end. The…

HP ENVY17 3D Review - a 3D entertainment system and more

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Jon Peddie

The HP 17-inch ENVY laptop is delightful. It has one of the best 3D screens I have ever seen, and it comes with one set of 3D shutter glasses. It can show 3D movies and S3D games, as well as show 3D photos and Google Earth in 3D. The system's screen resolution is 1920 x 1080 on a 17.3-inch panel with 120 Hz refresh, TN panel with sRGB+ gammut and 400 NITS brightness. The display controller is an AMD Radeon 5850 with 1GB DDR5 video memory. It has an Intel Core i7Q740 Processor running at 1.73 GHz, with 4 GB DDR3…

The tablet is a blank slate - Review ArtRage for Apple iPad

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Kathleen Maher

Steve Jobs is not always right and in fact, he was totally wrong when he dismissed the idea of a stylus for his devices because among all the other things the iPad does well — remote control, movie player, presentation platform, and best friend on a lonely Saturday night — the iPad is turning out to be a really great piece of paper. We have downloaded several drawing program for the iPad and every single one of them is good. Just the current list of drawing tools on my computer includes Brushes, by Steve Sprang: $7.99; Auto­desk SketchBook Pro: $4.99; Adobe…