Handbook of Visual Display Technology

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Jon Peddie

Springer-SBM and Canopus Academic Publishing have announced the publication of the Handbook of Visual Display Technology. Across four volumes and more than 2600 pages, this comprehensive reference work covers all aspects of the science and technology behind displays, from the fundamentals of optics, vision and colour science, through electronic imaging, processing and manipulation, display driving, TFTs and materials science, flexible displays and touchscreens, display metrology, and concludes with a section on display markets and economic factors.  Key sections are dedicated to specific display technologies: emissive displays including PDPs, LEDs and OLEDs; Paper-like displays including electrophoretics, electrowetting, electrofluidic and MEMS; 3D display systems…

Acer C120 Pico projector

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Jon Peddie

Projecting power like an aircraft carrier We got an Acer C120 Pico projector to play with (and we took it on a road trip to Finland and the UK). The units can display up to 1280 x 800 resolution, has a 1000:1 contrast ratio, and offers 100 Lumens brightness when plugged in. It can be powered by USB 3.0 and there is a battery. The convenient USB 3.0 option allows for faster display of the images at 75 ANSI lumens. Alternatively, when higher brightness matters you can power the projector with the AC adapter and get an even brighter 100 ANSI…