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Good and obsolete

Posted by Jon Peddie on October 6th 2017 | Discuss

On being relevant in a changing world I’m asked sometime when would you/ will you retire? My answer is, when I’m no longer relevant.  Relevancy is another parameter that can be plotted on Maher’s practicality-gap or Roger’s Diffusion of Inno-vations curve;

EVGA goes crazy fast—or maybe just crazy

Posted by Jon Peddie on September 29th 2017 | Discuss

Proving being cool is the key The folsk at EVGA were bored one afternoon, and so Jacob Freeman (no acknowledged relation to Dr. Gordon Freeman) said, “Hey, I know what we can do with that liquid Nitrogen left over from the beer party—let freeze some 1080Tis. Freeman

The (tech) world is catching up to fiction

Posted by Jon Peddie on September 18th 2017 | Discuss

We need a new category—SciFi is no longer applicable When I was a kid I read the comics (OK, I still do). We read them because we didn’t have TV, hadn’t even heard of it. Our phones were plugged into the wall and had

All those add-in boards

Posted by Jon Peddie on August 28th 2017 | Discuss

Are being used for different kinds of games now How the GPU defies gravity and continues to have an increasing market demand.  Since the introduction of the PC, which was 1981 believe it or not, we estimate that 2.1 billion AIBs will have been shipped by the end of this year.

What I saw at Siggraph

Posted by Jon Peddie on August 14th 2017 | Discuss

Ever new and ever magical This was my 38th Siggraph, and it was as exciting as the first one, well maybe not the first one, but pretty damn exciting nonetheless. Siggraph continues to attract imaginative and sometimes astonishing people and ideas, and has over the years maintained its fresh, &ldquo

AI is so new and exciting, just ask Ananova

Posted by Jon Peddie on July 26th 2017 | Discuss

She’s 17 this month We visited the emerald-eyed, green-haired virtual newscaster, Ananova, in Leeds England, in July 2001, for her first birthday. I was reminded of her due to all the recent news about AI and how reporters will no longer be needed. For example, the Bezos Post introduced an

Today’s VR is so disappointing

Posted by Jon Peddie on July 8th 2017 | Discuss

Can we finally say the emperor is naked, and move on? The fact that I am not happy with the state of affairs in VR today is probably not news. But, what you are reading are the bitter words of a disappointed lover.   Here’s what we have

Augmented reality will make us fearless

Posted by Jon Peddie on June 15th 2017 | Discuss

Our lives will be different beyond imagination with AR When consumer smart glasses become common, my forecast is 2020, they will change how we behave, and how the world behaves toward us.  When you examine the root cause of bigotry, belligerence, and bullying, it all (and other social symptoms) trace

Everything as a service, own nothing

Posted by Jon Peddie on June 2nd 2017 | Discuss

What’s not for rent? Do you remember when you leased your first car, or rented your first apartment? How about the first time you flew in an airplane or took a train trip? And do you know any company that owns their building? I think you get the

Stop that or I’ll replace you with an AI

Posted by Jon Peddie on May 17th 2017 | Discuss

Look at what you're doing not what the AIs are doing Everyone who has heard of AI (which as you know was just invented a few weeks ago) is sounding the warning bells about how AI thingies will take over our jobs. To which I say, come and get