LAVAL VIRTUAL - The 18th International Conferences and Exhibition on Virtual Technologies and Uses

Laval Virtual

Event Date: 18th edition from 23 to 27 March 2016
Location: Salle Polyvalente, Place de Hercé - Laval France

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Laval Virtual is one of the most important events in Europe showcasing innovations and new technologies. Virtual reality and augmented reality are the core to the show. With more than 150 exhibitors and 40 countries represented, Laval Virtual is essential for professionals, students, tech enthusiasts and curious novices.

JPR’s Gaming Market Press Conference @ GDC 2016

Event Date: JPR Press Conference @ GDC, Wednesday, March 16th 2016
Location: SF Green Space at EEFG building, 657 Mission Street, Suite 200


Stop by at the SF Green Space at EEFG building (steps away from the Moscone Center) on your way to GDC in the morning for coffee, breakfast and a solid grounding in game industry realities for 2016. JPR is holding its annual press conference where we will discuss the latest trends in the PC graphics hardware market and hardware trends. We will have presentation and the future of TV Gaming, the evolution of APIs and a panel discussion with industry leaders on Virtual Reality. We and our sponsors AMD, Portrait Displays and Qualcomm look forward to seeing you Wednesday, March 16th bright and early, the event kicks off at 8:15AM.