2017 Multi-Monitor Market Study Usage and Trends

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This report covers the results of a survey of end users about their use of or interest in employing multiple displays for the purpose of gaining productivity in their work, or entertainment. The use of multiple monitors dates back to the beginning of the PC age (1981) when multiple display controller boards (as they were called then) had to be used and custom drivers employed.

Since then multiple concepts for driving multi-screens have been developed and evolved to today where the Windows and IOS operating systems can easily handle the management of multiple displays and even integrated graphics can (for most situations) drive them.

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$4,000 Company site license, $5,000 for Company site license with data table included

CAD in the Cloud

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Jon Peddie Research (JPR) and Business Advantage (BA) have co-created this special report on CAD in the Cloud using a custom designed survey together with other insights and additional industry data.

In this report, we will:
• examine the responses of customers to early implementations, and planned implementations, of
cloud workflows
• describe the answered and unanswered questions as we see them in the use of cloud resources
• discuss the development activities of CAD vendors as they relate to the cloud, and
• describe the path of acceptance as we see it to different cloud workflows

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•Single User or small firm (up to 10 people), $4,999 •Department or small firm (10 to 100 people), $6,500 •Large firm/site license, US$10,000

The VPU Report

JPR’s quarterly The VPU Report is a direct-to-the-point, detailed analysis of vision processors, as SoC or as IP, from four of the leading companies in the field. Future quarterly issues of the report will present up to the minute information on VPUs available from a different selection of companies. The current issue provides analysis of Movidius, Intel, Ceva and Inuitive: four of the most influential companies operating in the consumer edge device category. The report includes a summary of the companies reviewed (useful when so many entrants into this field are startups) and commentary to shed light on the potential and pitfalls of VPU design.

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The annual subscription price is $6,500 which consists of 1 issue quarterly. A single issue is $2,500.

TV Gaming Market Study

The JPR TV Gaming report covers gaming technologies that are designed to play on televisions.  Evaluated within the report are Xbox One, Playstation 4, Nintendo Wii-U, Amazon Fire TV, Steam Machine, Playstation Vita TV, Nvidia Shield, Ouya, Gamestick, Madcatz Mojo, and more. The analysis contains a recent sales history and three year forecast for unit sales of Xbox One, Playstation 4, Wii-U, Android Consoles, and Steam Machine. The report comes with spreadsheet.

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  • Site License Single edition $8,000
  • Site License Bi-Annual subscription (2 Editions yearly) $12,000
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    contact robert@jonpeddie.com

Mobile Devices and the GPUs inside

This report covers the market for GPUs in mobile (Personal) and Portable (notebook and game machine) devices. The market consist of three classes of suppliers: companies that are vertically integrated and develop their own GPU design, companies that buy GPU IP designs and then develop a SoC, and companies that provide the GPU IP. Fifty one other companies make some type of a SoC used in mobile devices based on merchant CPU and GPU IP from the IP suppliers. Four companies make GPU IP and sell to the others.

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The "Mobile Devices and the GPUs inside" market study is available now in electronic editions. This report can be purchased for $5,000 for a site license. All TechWatch subscribers receive a 10% discount on this report. Please call (415-435-9368) or .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) to receive this discount.

Add-in-Board report

Quarterly reports focused on the market activity of PC graphics controllers for mobile and desktop computing. The report provides an in-depth look at the PC graphics market and includes unit shipment and segment market share data, and trend analysis.

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The annual subscription price for Jon Peddie’s AIB report is $4,000 including four quarterly issues, and single issues are available for $1,500.


Jon Peddie’s Tech Watch, our bi-weekly report on the PC graphics industry. We cover international trade shows and offer first hand analysis of the newest products and trends for the future.

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Techwatch is a bi-weekly subscription at $125 per issue

Jon Peddie’s Tech Watch Premier - This option includes a full subscription to Tech Watch with one day of consulting support, allocable in half-hour increments, and Jon Peddie’s Market Watch, our in-depth quarterly report on the PC graphics industry, including financial statements, unit shipments, and geographic market segments:

  • Companies with 50 or fewer employees $7,500/year
  • Companies with 51-499 employees $9,000/year
  • Companies with 500-5,000 employees $10,500/year

Jon Peddie’s Tech Watch Pro - Structured for a division within a large corporation, this option includes Tech Watch reports with one half-day of consulting support, allocable in half-hour increments, and password access to Tech Watch online.

  • Divisions with up to 25 readers $5,500/year

Market Watch

JPR’s quarterly report Market Watch gives market share (in units) of all suppliers of graphics chips, integrated, embedded, and discrete worldwide. It is a sell in report and a leading indicator. Historical data is included from Q1’04. Market Watch is supplied in electronic form, and includes a written summary of the quarter and an in-depth spreadsheet.

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The annual subscription price is $5,000 which consists of four quarterly issues. A single issue is $2,500.

CAD report

JPR’s CAD Report 2015 breaks out the CAD market and reports on the industry’s evolution and growth including company market share, geographies, market segments, and end users. In addition the report provides a forecast for the CAD industry between 2015-2017.

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The report is available for $6000 for a site wide license. For more information, please contact us.

Digital Content Creation

This report provides an overview of the digital content creation (DCC) software market for applications running on PC based computer platforms or UNIX workstations. Digital content creation software enables the creation or modification of digital content, such as animation, graphics, images or video, as part of the production process before presentation in its final medium.

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$5,500 (10% discount for Tech Watch subscribers—single use only)

PC Gaming Hardware Market Report

PCs and graphics boards used in Gaming PCs. The Worldwide PC Gaming Hardware Market report series by Jon Peddie Research comes in three versions: Enthusiast, Performance, and Mainstream versions.

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  • Price per segment: Site License $7,500
  • Two reports: Site License $10,000
  • Total series (four reports): Site License $15,000
  • Total series (four reports) with extensive bi-annual updates : Site License $25,000
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Workstation report

Now in its twelfth year, JPR’s Workstation Report - Professional Computing Markets and Technologies has established itself as the essential reference guide for hardware and software vendors and suppliers serving the workstation and professional graphics markets.

The JPR Workstation Report series includes a breadth of market data and research, including six total reports issued over the year. All in all, a subscription entitles subscribers to:

Two extensive semi-annual reports, comprehensively assessing the state of the workstation and professional graphics industries
The service includes two semi-annual revisions of the JPR Workstation Report, a complete reference manual on the workstation and professional graphics businesses. Anything you want to know about the markets, technologies and industry players can be found in this all-inclusive report.

Four quarterly market bulletins covering both workstations and professional graphics
Also included in a year’s subscription are four quarterly market bulletins, each around 40 to 50 pages and timed to highlight the previous quarter’s (and year’s) results in the workstation and professional graphics hardware markets. Each quarterly comes with a companion XLS file, with a comprehensive array of tables and figures that go into more detail than the basic text of the bulletin. The market quarterlies are released around eight weeks after the close of the previous quarter.

Limited complementary access to workstation analyst
  While the service does not formally include any consulting hours, we welcome subscribers with periodic questions or inquiries pertaining to the report, market data and analysis. Such access is complementary (but limited). And of course, if a subscriber requires more lengthy and involved assistance, we can arrange for dedicated consulting services.

Reports are made available in soft PDF form (with complementary XLS for market data), downloadable via JPR’s web site.


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A full annual subscription (two semi-annual reports and four quarterly bulletins) to the JPR Workstation Report Series is $8,000. A half-year subscription (one semi-annual and two quarterly reports) is also available for $5,000. A single issue of the report is available for $3500.

White Papers

We travel the world gathering information on the latest technologies and are always developing new, comprehensive reports from a first-hand point of view. We talk face-to-face with the people are on the front lines of graphics boards and related products, we take the products home and try them out, and we analyze the market.

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Jon Peddie White Papers are free to download