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The workstation market on a roll with another record in Q3’16

December 7th 2016

As inspiring a quarter as Q2'16 was, Q3'16 was even better. With 1.135 million units shipped, the market set another record, breaking the 1.1 million mark for the first time. Year-over-year, the market grew at a robust 9.3%, while the less revealing sequential measure (for this cyclical market) was +3.4%. The market for discrete, professional GPUs performed well in the third quarter of 2016, but not as well as the workstation market it serves. All told, the duopoly of AMD and Nvidia shipped around 1.27 million discrete professional-brand GPUs, representing 5.9% growth year over year and a modest 1.8% decline sequentially. Workstation subscribers can download the report here.

Can Nvidia continue to delight investors?

Techwatch December 7th 2016

How does a company increase sales in a market where shipments are decreasing? For those of you who watch Nvidia, you will have taken note of its meteoric rise in share price since September 2015 to date (~$21 to ~$94); the share price has increased about 440%. However, when normalized to Nasdaq, the growth is 323%, as shown in the share-price chart to the right— still damn impressive and better than all of its competitors. But when you compare the rise in share price to Nvidia’s sales over the same period of time (which are impressive), you see there is a disconnect

It’s time to think about things that last.

One of the pioneers takes a look back Apple’s QuickTime 1.0 was completed on December 9th 1991, and the 25th anniversary of that game-changing technology is this year. There are very few architectures that anyone can think of that have survived for that period of time and continue to make a Click here to read this news article

My customer, my supplier

Subscriptions open the portals for media flow Today, Adobe is rolling out new improvements in its Creative Cloud services. Because Adobe’s products span so many creative industries — photography, graphic arts, illustration, video production, movie production, marketing, audio, and all the jobs that fit somewhere in between&mdash Click here to read this blog entry

Portrait Displays synergic acquisition of SpectraCal

Adding color analysis to color correct makes total sense Portrait Displays has been supplying visual enhancement software applications and middleware solutions for the computer display industry for almost two decades but didn’t have a closed-loop system. Customers relied on third parties to measure the results (at the screen). Click here to read this blog entry

Why I go to COFES - It’s not for the wine

I’ve gone to COFES for the past 10 or 15 years, I can’t remember, and don’t care. When Brad first started it he tried to get me to come, but I was either too busy or too cheap. When I finally got my lazy butt to Click here to read this blog entry

Looking forward - To the GTC conference

Every year now for the past seven years Nvidia has presented a GPU conference. The first on in Late September 2008 was named the GPU Technology Conference, and it overwhelmed the Fairmont hotel, and prompting the company to rename it GTC and move it to the convention center. This year Click here to read this blog entry