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On being connected ... and dependent

Posted by Webmaster on July 20th 2012 | Discuss

You think it’s hot in the central U.S. and along the East Coast—that’s nothing compared to the surface of the Sun. A powerful sunstorm—associated with the second biggest solar flare of the current 11-year sun cycle—is now hitting Earth, so far with few consequences. But the potentially “severe geomagnetic storm,” in NASA’s words, could disrupt power grids, radio communications, and GPS as well as spark dazzling auroras. As solar storms go, the two March 6 solar flares associated with the recent geomagnetic storm around Earth may not compare to the flares associated with the 1859 storm. But, since the Sun hasn’t…

New rules: There are no rules

Posted by Webmaster on July 11th 2012 | Discuss

Time was, Intel made chips, Microsoft made operating systems and other software products, and HP and Dell made computers and other associated products. Time was … Those times and the jolly relationships they spawned are gone gone gone. There’s an old expression in the deal and contract business: all the rules and friendships change when the money hits the table. When you have an exploding market for mobile devices and a potential exploding market for the living room entertainment center with two or more screens in the equation, the money is hitting the table. If you doubt that for one minute,…